ECO-BOILER SERIES 13 AND 14 – controllable via WiFi app

The series 13 and 14 ECO-BOILERS can now be fully controlled via a WiFi app.

Whether inside the house or from anywhere around the world, you can control the comfort of having hot water, as well as the economic and sustainable use of your eco-boiler. All operating modes and settings are freely adjustable.

In addition, the devices come with an innovative digital control system, which always allows the accuracy of the displays to be illustrated over WiFi. The heat insulation system and the access to the unit were completely re-designed, so as to be energy efficient.

The ECO-BOILER – already suitable for the Internet of Things!


ECO-BOILER – Once again, test winner in Switzerland

The ECO-BOILER is once again the most energy-efficient heat pump water heater on the Swiss market!

In accordance with the requirements of the TüV/GS, the Heat Pump Test Centre in Buchs and the umbrella organisation FWS (Swiss Professional Association of Heat Pumps), and in line with European standard EN 16147: 2013, it has attained the

COP value of 4.2 – the only device to do so, undisputed!

This value represents the absolute top class in Switzerland and Europe. As a result, our quality products once again rank number one on the market in terms of efficiency, quality and sustainability.

The Swiss development, the uncompromising response to customer and market needs, as well as the fulfilment of all legal, energy and environmental specifications, have driven the development of this one-of-a-kind domestic hot water heater to the top spot in its class.

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