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Save up to 80% energy compared to conventional boilers!

Heat pump boiler – an intelligent system for well-being.

The use of energy stored in the air signifies a step forward. The diagram shown provides an example of the use of renewable energies. Renewable energies are freely available and should be used intelligently.

This process requires only about 20-30% of energy in the form of electricity compared to a conventional electric boiler. It is also significantly more environmentally friendly and efficient to heat the process water this way than with gas or oil.

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All roads lead to natural energy

Warm water is the source of cleanliness and well-being in every building.

When installing a heat pump water heater, the energy stored in the air can be used efficiently. Today, without high acquisition costs, you can obtain heat from free environmental energy using an innovative heat pump water heater and use this to heat water. The eco-boiler captures heat from the room air inside the building and heats the water with it.

Tested energy efficiency A +

Our eco-boiler meets the highest energy efficiency values according to the guidelines and requirements of the European Union. It has thus acquired the energy label ErP (Energy-related Products, ErP) with the rating A + for a particularly economical and ecological application among all eco-boiler variants.

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The eco-boiler also dries the air in the basement, thus helping prevent the growth of mould. People often have dehumidifiers or clothes dryers in basements, which, in most cases, become superfluous when an eco-boiler is installed. This is a pleasant side effect, where basement spaces are at the same time dehumidified while the process water is being heated. In addition, the device ensures even room air circulation without any noticeable drafts.

Laundry room

Drying and airing

  1. Laundry drying in the laundry room
  2. Ventilation of the laundry room (hygienic single-duct system)


Cooling and drying

  1. Storeroom or wine cellar cooling
    (constant temperature)
  2. Circulation and expulsion of moist air

Boiler room & basement

Cooling and drying

  1. Storeroom or wine cellar cooling
    (constant temperature)
  2. Removal, conversion and ventilation of the warm boiler room air

Heating room

Use waste heat

Preparation of hot water from warm boiler room air

  1. Ventilation of the warm boiler room by means of additionally generated circulating air and by the pull of fresh air
  2. Controlled cooling of the boiler room


The eco-boiler impresses with its easy installation as part of the “plug and play” procedure. The device only needs a 230V socket and does not require any complex start-up. The technician just needs to connect the water connections to the eco-boiler, and already you’ll be helping the environment while saving on energy costs.


Flexible, cost-effective and cleverly combined.

An eco-boiler is an efficient solution for heating water, both in new buildings and in existing building stock. With its extraordinarily good price-performance ratio, the eco-boiler makes sense not only ecologically but also economically. It can see to hot water needs all year-round, irrespective of whether there is any existing central heating system.

With the eco-boiler, there are many possibilities for combining it with other energy generators, such as a photovoltaic system. Both the heat pump’s storage and control systems are equipped to operate using other sources of energy.

Flexible photovoltaic control

The electronic control system of all ECO-BOILERS is equipped as standard with an intelligent and individually configurable photovoltaic connection. For example, you can store surpluses from the in-house photovoltaic system in the form of warm water in your eco-boiler. This not only increases the usage obtained from your photovoltaic system, but also saves money and helps the environment.

You can automatically increase the target temperature in the photovoltaic mode, so you can store more energy if there is a surplus of solar power. This allows the solar source to be used as efficiently and effectively as possible. If the photovoltaics do not supply enough power, the eco-boiler will do the work reliably via the efficient hot water heat pump. This ensures that you will have hot water at home even when there’s no sun. The eco-design of the ECO-BOILER is an EC(O)-LEVER thing!

Benefits that will convince you

  • Economic and ecological sustainability – no.1 on the market

  • Swiss test winner – highest efficiency, best thermal insulation

  • Certified as ErP efficiency class A +

  • Winner of the German Industry Award (x-award) in six out of seven possible categories

  • Easy to install

  • Stainless steel casing with air extraction and supply via the device cover or via the side openings in the device

  • Chrome steel boiler available in two qualities

  • Service flange for easy descaling

  • Heating of hot water using only the heat pump up to 70 degrees

  • Possible to operate via solar energy and thermal solar technology

  • High-quality components

  • Software and development: “Made in Switzerland”

  • Simple menu navigation with 3 pre-set programmes

  • Highest level of protection with built-in safety protection, safety valves, intelligent protection system

  • 2-year warranty

  • Eligible for subsidisation in Switzerland

  • FWS-, WPZ-, SVGW- and TüV-certified (Swiss Professional Association of Heat Pumps, the Heat Pump Test Centre, the Swiss Gas and Water Industry Association and the German Association for Technical Inspection, respectively)

Double Energy

The flexible dual energy system.

The dual energy system, consisting of air and electricity for intelligent, energy-saving water heating, can be conveniently used within just a very short time and in all weather conditions. Enjoy ecologically and economically heated water at any time. The eco-boiler is the perfect combination of energy saving and modern design.


A system with a future.

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